Welcome to FaireBows.com. Our primary mission is to supply Traditional Long bows and archery equipment for Re-enactors and Traditional Archery enthusiasts. We also sell other items for re-enactors including clothing, Pouches, mugs, etc. Being 'Faire Folk' ourselves, we know you want to get good quality gear for reasonable prices.

All of the people here at FaireBows.com are re-enactors who use what we sell, so we can give you honest opinions on the equipment. We are also more than happy to meet customers at events whether we are there to vend or with a guild. That is the best way to make friends and learn what people want and need.

We don't have as big of a selection as the big Archery suppliers or replica places and we don't intend to. What we do intend to have is a good selection of period, and period-esc bows, equipment and accessories particularly for people who want to do Historical Recreation. If there is something you are looking for that we don't have, please let us know and we will see if we can find it.

We mainly focus on things for Ren Faire, and SCA participants, however many of the bows, and other items would be just as useful for other re-enactors as well.